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  Azy Pages Business Center
Welcome to AzyPages Business Center
If you do not have the promotional material to upload into your business listing at AzyPages or you think the material is not good enough then do not worry, our AzyPages Business Center is here for your assistance. AzyPages Business Center helps you to create your own Digital Ads, Videos, Digital Coupons and Business Logo. Below is the detail of our premium services for each business listing feature.
Digital Ads
Digital Ads are the well designed graphical banners that are very important to attract more visitors and drive them to your business. Digital Ads are the original images and graphical banners of your business and are protected by the Canadian copyright laws. You need attractive graphical banners advertisements that instantly get the targeted visitorís attention. AzyPages Team is well aware of these facts and fully trained to create original and professional Digital Ads for your business. Just click on the Get Started button and one of the dedicated staff members of our admin team will contact you shortly.
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Digital Coupons
Digital coupons are the cost-effective way to offer discount to your customers. As the digital coupons are economical, easy and more environment friendly, more and more companies are cutting their costs of printing coupons by offering digital coupons to their customers. Digital coupons still need an amount of your investment in both time and money. You need to design them by a professional graphic designer or by yourself. We are well aware of these issues and offering our professional services to help you to create digital coupons. Just click on get started button and fill the form with digital coupon details and you done, we use your given information to create a digital coupon for you.
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Videos are the most important feature at AzyPages, they are important to promote your business faster than any other medium. In your AzyPages business listing you can add videos of business intro and product promotions. Videos are also a little bit difficult and costly to create and may take lot much of time and money. You may get into big trouble if you are not familiar with video making process. AzyPages Business Center is fully equipped to make great videos of your business. AzyPages Team work with you for this, we will need 75 to 90 minutes of shooting at your office. At the day of shooting we also need your employees to be well dressed, your office premises should be well cleaned and in order. To Get Started please click on the get started button below.
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Business Profile
Business profile is also an important business listing feature that helps the visitors to get information about your company. It is very important that the profile is complete and giving a picture of your business to the readers. The business profile which is not looking professional always put a bad impression about your business. Feeling the need the AzyPages also offering professional business profile writing service for our valuable clients so that get the maximum opportunity to grow their business at AzyPages. To get a professionally written business profile please click on the Get Started button below.
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Business Logo
Business Logo is the key feature of your business and it is also very important for your business growth. Business logo differentiates your company from your competitors. Most of the business owners do not realize the real importance of business logo and lose many of their valuable customers due to this reason. Designing your own business logo is really a tough job and needs lots of money too. AzyPages Business Center is providing the business logo creation service to the AzyPages subscribers at a very affordable price. Just click on Get Started button and our admin team representative will contact you shortly.
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