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There many options to search business here. You can search by category, by name or by location. There are two search bars at start page for each search tab. For example if you want to search a cosmetic business in Calgary then just write cosmetic in upper bar and Calgary in lower and choose category, this search will show you the cosmetic business in Calgary. To search a business in a city by name just put your desired business name in upper bar and city in the lower bar with choosing name, this search will bring your desired business in that particular city.
Upper bar
Here comes your business category like Clothing or if you choose name then put your business name here like ABC Clothing etc.
Lower bar
Just give one of the below here to locate your business
  • City
  • Province
  • Landmark
  • Postal Code
At the start page in the search box click on the Digital Coupon tab and search your desired coupons there.
You can search coupons, business, phone and get driving directions. You can search each of these items by using the search box at the start page on the top left position.
At start page search box click on the driving directions tab and you will see two search bars there. Just put your current location in the upper bar and the destination location in the lower bar and click on search button.
Once you see the list of businesses in your search results you can refine your search result by clicking on the refinement option showing at top. What option you see there are shown below Refine Results Digital Ads, Videos, Digital coupons, Profile, Logo, Category and none

So by clicking any option you will see the businesses with that particular feature you selected.
You can contact a business by

Free Call
Address book
Just click on the free call button and give your phone number and time when you want to receive a free call from that business.
Click ok and you will receive a call from the business at the time you have chosen.
After getting the Digital Coupon at AzyPages, save it. Show your coupon to the cashier at the shop and he will check it and will give you the discount.
Following business information is available at AzyPages.

  • Business name
  • Phone and Fax numbers
  • Email
  • Business Profile
  • Videos
  • Digital Ads
  • Reviews
AzyPage strictly follows the best privacy policy and terms. Learn more about privacy policy and terms.