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  Learn About Features
Azy Pages offers very powerful business directory listing features that are based on best customer care principles. Azy pages provides your business a great opportunity to grow by itself with help of powerful listing features. We are well aware and conscious about your business success at AzyPages and working hard to achieve your business goals. Below is the detail of AzyPages Directory listing features.
Azy Pages Directory listing features
Business Logo
Business logo is the logo of your business you are going to list at AzyPages. At AzyPages you can add your company logo in your business listing. Business logo feature also helps you to make new, loyal and valuable customers on Azy Pages. With the help of this feature it is very easy for your customers to recognize your business online.
Business logo is one of best way to tell your customers that this is the company they are looking for. You make a company image and your customers recognize your company from that image. So building a business logo is very crucial if you are into some long term business. Business logo also does a great job in making sales of your business. Keeping in mind these above advantages of business logo in the success of your business, AzyPages offers you to add your business or company logo into your business listing on AzyPages. So by adding your business logo you can derive all those benefits to your business.
Digital Ads
Digital Ads are the images of your business that include pictures of your products or services and also the pictures of your company premises. You can upload the images after subscribing to any of our listing packages; Digital Ads help to attract more customers to your business. Digital Ads is the unique feature of Azy Pages that helps you get more credibility to the visitors.
As you know in today's world of marketing the image and digital media has its significant importance. The pictures speak more than words and online visitors want to see the pictures of the products they are buying and the company they are doing business. So AzyPages understand this need completely and recommend to all its business listing customers to add Digital ads into their business listing profiles so that the visitors can see the actual company pictures before doing business with them.
AzyPages accept the importance of the growing importance of videos in online marketing and advertising of your business. Feeling the need of online videos of your business in the online directory listing AzyPages is offering you to place videos of your business. Videos are more cost-effective to make and give your business information to the potential customers faster than any other medium.
You must upload the videos on your AzyPages business listing to attract more targeted customers to your business. Videos are the backbone of your online advertising on AzyPages. Videos give more information to the visitors than the written description or details about your business. So to get more customers from AzyPages you must add your business videos into your business listing.
Digital coupons are the most cost-effective way to get more customers in the area where you are offering your products or services. AzyPages is making this super easy for you to increase your business by offering digital coupons to your customers. Just subscribe to any of our listing packages and upload digital coupons in your business profile and we will take care of the rest.
You must be familiar with the printed coupons and their benefits. Today customers are looking for discounts on what they buy and smart businesses always feel that need and offer discounts on their products on and off, in the form of digital coupons. As you know this promotional activity also need lots of money as printing cost of the coupons and services for them plus what you are waiving off on the price of your product. So here comes the digital coupons, they are much cheaper than the printed coupons, people can just download then into their computers or get them on their phone via SMS. AzyPages offers this great service to help you to promote your business by offering digital coupons on AzyPages. You just upload the coupon details and we will take care of the rest when a customer get a digital coupon and redeem it from the shop.
By activating Free Call feature in your business profile on AzyPages you can provide your potential customers a free call facility. If a visitor got interested in doing business with you then he or she must wish to get more information or may be they want to place an order. The Free call feature gives the visitor a choice to call you free, it means you are opening all the doors to your customers to your business on AzyPages.
Free Call feature is an amazing feature that gives your potential customer more freedom and options. The visitors on AzyPages are the targeted visitors and potential buyers of your product or services. The most visitors when got interested in your business they wish to know more about you and your company so they want to talk to you or your business representative to get more information. Here is how this feature works: When a visitor see your business listing on AzyPages and wish to get more information or to connect you via phone then he/she can use the free call feature. After choosing free call option the visitor receives a call from AzyPages and waits on hold, we call at your phone number that you will give us to receive free call from you customers. After receiving AzyPages call you will be connected to the customer who is holding for you at the other end.
In your business profile you provide a snap shot of information about you business and the products and services you are offering. A well written business profile attracts more visitors and turns them into the valuable customers of your business.
Business Profile is actually your business introduction; it also includes all your products services, your company's history and other important information on AzyPages. It helps the visitors who are looking into your business listing on AzyPages to know about your business. If a Business Profile is well written, clear and appealing then you will get more customers.